Saturday, May 13, 2017

module 3, SD101, Basics Sewing and Dressmaking, @Bukit Antarabangsa, 12may2017

we had so much fun.  me and the lovely ladies who are enthusiastic about learning how to make their own clothes and feel great wearing them.  these are the ladies who signed up for our 26-hours-class-session during the april promotion.  and had great savings on the fees.

i wore my A-line Loop Jacket and they were openly admiring how it fit me and how it made me look slim for my weight.  of course, i could not have been happier.

we started the session, with me sharing with them my favourite tools for patternmaking.  about 40 minutes later, i showed them a few patterns that i have drafted, progressing from the basic block to the actual pattern for the design.  after that, we proceed with samples of my very own toile making.  and they were able to see how the flat pattern turned into a garment that fit a three dimensional shape of a person.

last but not least, i showed them how to take the body measurements.  and they squealed with laughter at each others funny comments.

at the end of the session, we believe that they are able to see that we are offering them a solution to their current woes, ie not being able to find garments that fit them well, be it ready to wear or made to measure.

and the very next day they were off shopping for tools that we have recommended because they too want their patternmaking and garment making adventure, an experience that is a joy to embark and the garment (that they make) a pleasure to wear.

love being with your ladies.  see you in next class , next week :)

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