Monday, April 3, 2017

the modules


Module 1

this module covers the basic blocks that are used as building blocks for a design.

the basic blocks that are currently offered in this module are as follows;
a) the basic dress block
b) the basic jacket block
c) the basic skirt block

for each basic block,  the ease allowance is determined by the silhouette that is being achieved.
- fitted
- semi fitted
- loose fitting

once a  basic block has been completed and finalised, it is then manipulated to create fashionable designs, eg basic block DR001 and DR002 are being manipulated to create designs for dresses while JK001 and JK002 to create designs for jackets.

students who have attended lessons in Module 1 may or may not proceed to Module 2.  This is entirely their decisions.

Module 2

this module covers the manipulation of the basic blocks to create designs for dresses, tops, jackets and skirt.  in Phase 1 of Module 2 , the pattern pieces of the designs will be put to a test, ie a toile (ie a test garment) will be made and subsequently fitted to the model (it is intended for).  once the satisfactory fit and aesthetics of the design are achieved the actual garment will be constructed in Phase 2 of Module 2.

there are no prerequisites to enroll for lessons in Module 1.  For Module 2 however, students need to either
a) complete the respective lessons in Module 1, or
b) fully settled payment for patternmaking service or dressmaking service of the respective designs.

if the model does not have any changes to her measurement, the same basic block can be used over and over again to create other designs that would fit her comfortably.

for those who have completed the modules and have been able to understand the principles of pattern manipulation, this knowledge can be used to create patterns of their very own design.

Module 3

this is a module for those who need to learn about the sewing and drafting basics.  it is open to all students but it is highly recommended for those with Skill Level 1 and below so that they are able to follow the rest of the lessons in Module 1 and Module 2.

for someone with Skill Level 4, she maybe able to complete all the lessons in Module 1 and Module 2 within the recommended duration.  While others may need a longer duration and they may purchase additional hours in blocks of 2 hours in order to complete their lessons.

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