Thursday, April 27, 2017

the anna 6-panel long skirt SK001-1

we love making this skirt. it is a long skirt with 6 panels.  it gently skims the hips and flares as it is about to hit the knees.

instead of a waist band, we have applied facings that is lightly interfaced.  so that it hugs the waist and the upper hip comfortably.  not too snug, not too loose.  and we use the lapped zipper installation.  it is our​ favourite zipper installation method.

front view

side view

front of the waist

back of the waist and the zipper closure

interested to learn to make this skirt for yourselves or for your loved ones.  watch this space.  a class (SK001 and SK001-1) on this skirt is coming your way soon.

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