Thursday, April 27, 2017

module 1, phase 2, dr002, Studio-One @Puchong, 25april2017

during this class nadia and rose, made the necessary adjustments to their basic dress block.  both nadia and rose need to shorten the back waist length while rose needs to shorten her front waist length before they can proceed to draft the basic sleeve block for their individual pattern.

it was intense with  multiple parameters to juggle in order to make the adjustments.  ha ha...berasap ya nadia.  but i know she enjoys the challenge.  and i learned a few thing from her too.  with rose, we ended up with mathematical equations such as x=y+1...because narrative was too wordy.....ha ha.  it was fun.

photo courtesy of @jahitbynadia

photo courtesy of @jahitbynadia

apparently, they need more time to tackle the adjustments.  and that is ok.  they are booking another additional 2 hours on module 1 phase 2, dr002 next week.  

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